The benefits of marriage and religious practice for children and society


The social sciences study the relationships between people to understand how man thrives or wilts. 
Man is a deeply relational being, brought into existence through the most intense relational embrace of a father and mother, which, as it were, forces the hand of the Trinity to give being to this new creature. Thus, six persons are involved in the act of conception. Thereafter, early on as a child and later as an adult, the new person thrives in lifelong monogamous marriage, and most of all with the weekly worship of God.  
All the data in the social sciences confirm these statements. Marriage and the worship of God are the fundamental building blocks of the individual, the couple, the family, the community, the nation, and the globe. They are the twin helix of the DNA of society.
Therefore, the newly conceived infant implanted in his mother’s womb, were he able to speak, could rightly say:
“I am totally dependent on your marriage and your worship of God to flourish and to reach my potential as a human being. You need both also. With them we can become a trinity on earth that will abide with the Trinity in heaven — forever!”


Dr Pat Fagan


Friday 12 May 2023
18:00 (UK time)



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Dr Pat Fagan

Dr Pat Fagan has been a grade school teacher, and a clinical therapist specialising in child, family and marital therapy. During his career, he has been Executive Director of the Free Congress Foundation, a member of the staff of Senator Dan Coats of Indiana, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Family and Social Policy at HHS under President George Herbert Bush, Senior Fellow on Family and Culture at the Heritage Foundation, then founder and director of the Marriage and Religion Research Institute at Family Research Council, which he now directs independently. He is also the publisher and editor of He has authored over thirty synthesis papers and has commissioned dozens of original research projects on marriage, family, child development and religious practice. With John Bishop, of FOCUS, he is presently engaged in building The Cornerstone Alliance, which is dedicated to providing educational resources for men on fatherhood and marriage. He and his wife Theresa have eight children and nineteen grandchildren.


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